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GTA Mod Menus

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you verified resellers?

We are verified resellers for all GTA Mod Menus we sell. We currently do not sell a menu for which we are not verified, as it poses a threat to both us and the buyer.

Do I receive my key instantly?

Yes, you receive your key instantly on-screen, and at your email address.

If you still can’t find it, you can login to your account and find it under the license keys section.

How can I buy via PayPal?

You can buy using PayPal at our main site, DogeKeys. We offer the same mod menus on both websites.

Furthermore, if you are from Brazil, you can also buy at TakeTwoKeys via Mercado Pago and Pix, and if you are from India, you can buy via PayTM at Godfathers.

How do I use the GTA Mod Menu?

You can get instructions to use your mod menus, on their respective product pages. Furthermore, if you are buying the Ozark Mod Menu or the Cherax Mod Menu, you can find instructions at the DogeKeys Help Site.


The Best GTA Mod Menu Resellers are back!

We have been reselling GTA Mod Menu’s for over 3 years. After a break in 2020, we are back as strong as ever in 2021. With even more products now.